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Movement Coaching

Group Sessions

Everything you learn from a one-on-one and more! The first half is lecture and the second is practical. We will be working with a photographer to get you practicing in front of the camera right away!


The coaching will cover posing for different types of modeling (Fashion, Commercial, Fitness, Swim, etc.) as well as working on body movement, facial expressions, and hand posing. 


Starting with the fundamentals we begin with your natural walk and then work through different types of runway walks. Posture, speed, facial expressions, and arm movements are some of the things we will cover.

A brief history of myself, I've been modeling for over 10 years and In that time I've worked with brands like Wrangler, Walmart, Apple, Pizza Hut, Arbonne, and Verizon. I've walked the runway in Los Angeles, New York City and London. And I've been published in several magazines, including Vogue. I have worked as a casting director, model coordinator and producer for fashion shoots and fashion shows.

I have been coaching for over 5 years and during that time I have worked with models both on and off set. My goal is to give models the confidence to walk on to a set or a runway with as many tools in their belt as they can carry. The approach is simple; we start with where you are as a model and then make a plan to move you forward towards your goal.

With any skill practice makes it better. Things don't have to be "perfect" in order for them to be great. 


Are you interested in booking a session? Get in touch to learn more.

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